Business Diagnostic

The Business Diagnostic: Making the Intangible Measurable

Before you implement cultural business change you must first understand the landscape. That means understanding not only where you are going, but also where you are coming from. It demands a quantifiable approach to analysing cultural and behavioural drivers, so that you can pinpoint exactly what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Adcurata’s in-depth diagnostic has been developed through years of practical experience. It is designed to provide a detailed analysis in order to identify potential areas of risk, success and obstruction and pre-empt them with intelligent strategies.

A Comprehensive Tool for Mapping Organisational Performance

The diagnostic is key to identifying cultural issues that need to be addressed. However it is far more powerful than a pure indicator. The process of completing the diagnostic simultaneously generates specific criteria against which results can be measured, lessons can be learned, and continuous improvement can be maintained.

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