A New Approach to Organisational Culture Change

Adcurata specialises in aligning culture with strategy to drive competitive business benefits. The company was born out of Chief Executive Lindsay Dubock’s two decade career in executive search – where her track record of aligning candidates with the cultural profile of the organisation delivered a 100% success rate not just in retention, but also in organisational performance.

Clients began to approach Lindsay with wider questions around leadership, employee motivation, behavioural management, success drivers and many other issues. It was the process of exploring these complex questions that built Adcurata’s expertise in how cultural change can be understood, delivered, maintained and measured.

Quantifying the Immeasurable: The Business Diagnostic

Adcurata has developed a bespoke diagnostic platform that drills down into the most profound cultural and behavioural issues companies are facing. This allows Chief Executives to identify the drivers for cultural change, implement and sustain those changes, and measure the impact against a structured baseline, linking the processes with financial and other success indicators.

Proven Expertise in Changing Corporate Culture

Adcurata’s clients receive comprehensive support in analysing, delivering, maintaining and measuring cultural change programmes. This support comes not just from Lindsay and her team, but also from Adcurata’s distinguished Advisory Board and network of experts – all of whom have sat in the Chief Executive’s chair. They are deployed to work side by side with you and your team in order to embed sustainable results to benefit your business.

Adcurata Advisor Sir Richard Sykes on Change Management