GP practice is at the vanguard of primary health care provision in the UK. Challenges such as those created by governmentally imposed contractual obligations, increasing workloads, reduced investment, treasury demands to make further savings, a crisis in recruitment and retention and the introduction of clinical commissioning groups and further procurement and competitive tendering regulations have combined to create an environment of uncertainty and pessimism for the country’s GPs.

Despite the impact of so many adverse external factors, we believe that GPs are capable of adapting their practices to meet these challenges and ensure their continuing viability and prosperity in an increasingly demanding professional world.

 Our GP programme, initiated by Lindsay Dubock, can be tailored to the specific needs of GP practices of all sizes and configurations. Working closely with GPs and their managers, we help them to identify the means by which their organisational culture should be modified to improve the effectiveness of their practice. We also advise on operational changes, within the context of that enhanced culture, and how best to effect these in a manner that ensures their acceptance by the partners and staff team.

 Our collaboration with GPs, through this dedicated programme for change, provides a unique opportunity for GPs to meet the challenges facing them at present and in the future by enabling them to create a practice with a clear, responsive cultural core and enhanced systems, processes and operations that exploit the experience and expertise of a professional and dedicated team of medical and non-medical employees.