Knowledge Base

An Informed Approach to Changing Corporate Culture

Any new project Adcurata undertakes starts with our business diagnostic. It is the fundamental principle by which we work. We use the diagnostic to help you measure where your organisation is at the moment, create a revealing dialogue, drill down into the key issues and assess the areas of greatest challenge down to minimal challenge.

The starting point for improving productivity across a business will always the Chief Executive. However the secondary point is always different. It is vital to identify and analyse exactly where the human barriers to change lie – because without that knowledge it will be impossible to implement the right organisational culture change programme to remove those barriers.

Experts in Organisational Behaviour and Management

As we work with you to complete the diagnostic, we will bring in appropriate experts from our team of distinguished and qualified individuals, all of whom have been Chief Executives themselves. By tapping into their extensive knowledge base we can identify not just the issues, but the underlying causes of those issues. We can then work with you to design an organisational culture change programme that is intelligent, focused and defined to address the outcomes of the initial diagnostic.

Carl Michel, Advisor to Adcurata, Demonstrates Why Cultural Understanding Matters