Influencing Culture with Strong Leadership and Management

Today’s business environment is beginning to embrace the inherent role of culture in achieving successful organisational performance. Yet traditionally the responsibility for human capital management – the defining driver behind cultural change – has not sat firmly on the Chief Executive’s desk.

Historically, people management issues have tended to fall somewhere between the leadership and HR functions of an organisation. In fact embedding genuine, permanent and effective cultural behaviours can only start from the top. Hence it is vital that Chief Executives and business leaders drive the appropriate cultural values from the top, integrating them into every facet of the organisation.

Supporting Leadership Skills to Improve Organisational Culture

Adcurata specialises in supporting senior business people through the journey of defining, delivering and maintaining the cultural changes their organisations need to excel.

The process is intensive and detailed. It starts with our unique business diagnostic, which is designed to help you understand the key issues that are hindering effective cultural change. We then access our extensive network of business experts, incorporating the specific skills and experience that will add value to your cultural strategy for change.

Once we have helped you to map out the correct strategy to achieve the desired deliverables, we work with you not just to implement the change programme, but to embed and maintain the new cultural and behavioural drivers that will render the change permanent.

Crucially, our diagnostic tool also provides a detailed criteria against which you can measure the return on your investment, using the key indicators we have agreed with you. This facilitates improvement, transparency and accountability for both your staff and your shareholders.

Mike Urmston Explains Why Adcurata’s Approach to Culture Change is Unique