The Science Behind Changing Corporate Culture

In business, culture and people management are often seen as intangible and woolly. But in reality it is culture that differentiates a successful business from an organisation that will stagnate.

Cultural behaviour can be destructive, but if you get it right and align your organisational culture with your strategic business intent then that can be an incredibly powerful recipe for success.

The Business Diagnostic: A Tool for Measuring Change

Adcurata specialises in supporting board members, Chief Executives and business leaders to deliver cultural change that is permanent, tangible and ultimately profitable. The process starts with our in-depth diagnostic: a methodology developed over a number of years and designed to drill down into the key organisational and cultural issues that present barriers to business success.

Using the diagnostic, we work with you to establish a clear picture of the business environment and identify the drivers for cultural change. This provides the structured information needed to design a roadmap for implementation, as well as creating the means to measure the results of delivering that strategy.

Improving Productivity: Sustaining Positive Change

In any cultural change programme a key challenge lies in maintaining the new culture. Unlike typical consultancies we are not just concerned with identifying the problem. We are here to develop the solution collaboratively . In addition to diagnosing the issues and presenting a bespoke strategy to tackle them, we also stand by our clients through the delivery and follow-up so that the project maintains momentum and has the correct outcomes.

Adcurata Advisor Mike Urmston Explains More About the Importance of Culture Change