A roadmap for cultural change by Karin Stumpf

Culture is becoming more and more recognised as having a direct impact on financial success of major companies.

Engaged and motivated employees who care about the people that they work with and the company that they work for are the most enduring source of competitive advantage.

It is not about attracting the best talent in the marketplace. The culture of the organisation sucks in the best talent – the culture then keeps them on board and engaged.

The research and background to Karin Stumpf article A roadmap for cultural change encaptures all that we believe to be true of the effect of strong culture on a workforce!!

About the author – Karin Stumpf focuses on the management of organizational changes to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. She holds an MBA and a Master in Organisational Psychology.

News item posted by Mark Edwards, Marketing Director, Adcurata

A roadmap for cultural change (via www.management-issues.com)

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