Adcurata Implements Cultural Change in GP Practice

Since the introduction of the new GP Contract, practices have been moving inexorably towards a more business-focused model. Unsurprisingly, this development has corresponded with a greater emphasis on improving competitiveness in a more open market, managing greater workloads, maximising revenue streams, optimising costs, increasing output and placing a greater emphasis on staff and patient relations. All of this has to link in with the highest quality of patient care at a time where there is a critical GP shortage, so it is no wonder that some practices find themselves at breaking point.

As a response to these developments, Adcurata has launched a new initiative aimed at supporting GP practices in identifying and implementing the cultural and operational changes that will be necessary for them to survive and flourish in ever-changing and increasingly challenging primary care. Our skills and experience acquired from our many interventions in the commercial field, coupled with the our current GP based projects, position us perfectly to work in the discipline of general medical practice.

We work on addressing the presenting issues in the context of the existing operations of the practice and will advise and support the partners and manager(s) as to how culture may be adapted or enhanced to improve efficacy on matters such as the partner and operational frameworks, commissioned bidding, human resource management and pharmacy structure.

Our support programmes involve devising strategies with the objective of:

  • enhancing practice leadership
  • optimisation of costs
  • an examination and review of internal processes
  • assessing and optimising staff competencies and efficiencies
  • improving revenue development
  • identifying the organisational culture of the practice, assessing the need for change, if any, and advising on how best to implement the change

Adcurata’s GP initiative is tailored to each individual practice but will have an identical aim for each – to ensure that partners are better equipped to achieve their personal and practice goals. We enable them to build a solid platform for the practice to be a first class employer in a commercially aware organisation with a strong and dedicated team that is adaptable, flexible and enabled to manage whatever the future holds.

Should you wish to discuss how Adcurata can help your practice, please contact Mark Edwards on telephone: 0203 174 0888 or email

Published by: Mark Edwards, Marketing Director, Adcurata Limited

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