Creating a Successful and Sustaining Culture Change

In this article, Ed Gagnon, President of Customer Service Solutions, Inc. discusses how cultural change can sustain the success of an organisation. Ed talks about the organisation and staff heading in the same direction and that Sustaining a high-performing culture requires that the staff understand that culture, or “how things work around here.”

He laments that culture is driven by many factors and that “culture assessments” can and has been used with different organisations.

Finally, Ed addresses in detail several subject headings including:

Foundation Statements
Management Modelling
Aligning Organisational Structures and Incentives
Effective Service Delivery and Support Processes
Staff with Clear understanding and Expectations
Effective Communications to Internal Stakeholders

In conclusion, it is remarkable to see how cultural understanding is finding its way into different business verticals including the sports and entertainment environment. A well-presented article with good content and information. Thank you Ed.

News item posted by Mark Edwards, Marketing Director, Adcurata

Cultural direction, cultural change, organisation culture

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