Do your Managers simply manage or do they guide?

In a recent article published on LinkedIn on 23rd June 2014, entitled “Do your Managers simply manage or do they guide?” Mark Edwards, Marketing Director at Adcurata, explains how an organisation should identify those personnel who are key to its successful operation and suggests the most appropriate management model through which their performance might be effectively enhanced.

The article begins by underlining the extent to which an organisation is reliant on its workforce to achieve its corporate aims. The cornerstones of the most effective staff team are its key personnel and, therefore, managing these key personnel is vital in a successful, responsive business.

The piece goes on to describe some of the principal characteristics of an organisation’s key personnel – its “makers”. These are summarised to be “expertise, judgment and proficiency” along with ownership of a range of skills that are closely aligned to the ongoing needs of the organisation as it continually seeks to achieve its corporate goals.

The final part of the article addresses the question that its title poses. It strongly suggests that there should be a departure from what might be described as the traditional management model in favour of a process that is more closely aligned with a mentoring relationship. The makers in an organisation are more likely to respond to this type of relationship, which will enable them to manage their own development, enhance their skill-sets, take responsibility for their decisions, achieve a higher level of self-awareness and make a positive contribution to the corporate ideal.

In conclusion, the identification of the characteristics of the makers in an organisation and the effective management of them are considered to be core components of a truly responsive corporate culture.

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