The Critical Few: Components of a Truly Effective Culture

In their article “The Critical Few: Components of a Truly Effective Culture” Jon Katzenbach and his colleagues at Booz & Co consider why cultural change initiatives frequently fail. They argue that they tend to be too encompassing. Instead organisations should focus on the “critical few” elements:

  • Critical behaviours that spread readily from one employee to another
  • Existing cultural traits which underpin the organisation’s sense of identity
  • Critical informal leaders who command the trust of their colleagues and know how to influence behaviour

As these elements consider “the emotional dimension of human behaviour” they are far more effective than the programs that are usually adopted.

“In our experience, a sharp focus on the critical few reduces complexity and begets more positive, informal, and lasting cultural impact on performance—and it does so much faster than top-down messaging and formal programmatic attempts.”

The authors also describe the four crucial indicators that can be used to assess how well their focus on the critical behaviours is working.

This is an excellent article which is packed with gems and we urge you to read it. You might also care to look at our article Building the right culture will drive business success.

News item posted by Lindsay Dubock CEO Adcurata

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