Carl Michel: Leadership Skills

Carl Michel on Why Strong Leadership is Crucial to Change Programmes:

It absolutely behoves the Chief Executive or the Executive Chairman, or whoever is the leading individual in an organisation, to drive the cultural and organisational change. This is not something for HR to drive. HR can obviously assist in some of the process pieces of a project in terms of training requirements that may come out of a cultural audit – but it has to come from the top. If the top is not driving it, it simply will not be bedded down, it will not be inculcated into the organisation. It is such a fundamental shift that the Chief Executive should be spending up to 30% of his or her time focused purely on culture.

I believe that culture is always overlooked in any organisation. Unless you are running a business and it is just you then culture begins to become important. It becomes important because the only way you differentiate yourself is by attracting, retaining and nurturing great people. Great people are often most attracted by positive cultures that nurture their own skills sets. So yes, culture is overlooked. People tend to get caught up in perhaps very much more tangible things and it is the intangibility of culture that makes it so hard to get some process going on it and to make some progress.

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