Our Business Change Expertise

Lindsay Dubock Outlines Adcurata’s Approach to Business Success:

It came about from a number of individual customers asking me to help them align their people with a  strategy for change. They asked me what they needed to know about what was in place, what they needed to change and where were their gaps. And so we started to drive some projects that were much more projects of discovery to determine whether the client could achieve their outcomes.

It progressed from there to the fact that it was not just about a skills gap. It was about the behaviours of the people that they had in place and the culture within which they were working that allowed them to achieve the change in direction that they had set. So we set out on a path of understanding much more about culture and behaviours and it became apparent very quickly what enormous impact those two areas have on any business of any size. Culture and behaviour can be very destructive forces on an organisation, but if you get it right and align culture with business drivers, what a powerful tool that is!

As we pulled back the layers more and more we discovered that in general organisations do not understand those cultural drivers – what they are, how they can be managed, how they can be measured and, moreover, how measuring cultural changes in an organisation can have a direct impact on financial performance.

That is where it came from. We have spent the last 5 years working hard to define what the cultural drivers are. Adcurata now has a platform by which it is able to assess, understand, develop, drive and change culture and behaviours to achieve the outcomes that an organisation wants. We do that through a number of different methods. Principally, we have designed and developed a bespoke business diagnostic tool which allows us to assess the start point of an organisation and to drill down heavily into where an organisation is in real time.

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