The Business Diagnostic Tool

Lindsay Dubock Explains how Adcurata’s Diagnostic Tool Drives Effective and Measurable ChangeĀ 

There are 5 areas that an organisation needs to address when changing culture and environment. They are: leadership qualities (let’s say disciplined leadership), having the right people doing the right things, the values by which the purpose of the company is driven and the engagement that individuals can adopt. They also include the understanding of transparency, the honesty and integrity within an organisation, (i.e. people are able to speak the truth without reprimand even if things are not going the way that they should be going) and finally the people and the culture.

So, with those five main areas being assessed and identified in detail (which is where the business diagnostic goes, to drill down deeply within each of those areas) we are able to get a clear picture of the environment and of the existing culture and behaviours.

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