What We Do

Building a Robust Core

The continuing viability of a property is based upon the quality of its foundations and, in the same way, the successful operation of a business is founded on the strength of its organisational culture. We can help organisations of all sizes and compositions to construct a robust, yet responsive, culture that will enable the business to meet existing demands and respond to whatever challenges the future may bring. Working closely with business owners, managers and staff we can help to create a business foundation that will serve as a touchstone for employees, customers, partners and investors.

Primary Care

Primary care is the bedrock of our National Health System accounting for around 90% of patient interactions. General Practitioners, as our principal primary medical care providers, are facing increasing demands on their time, energies and resources. Rewards are being constantly eroded, many practitioners are leaving their chosen profession and recruitment is approaching a crisis state. In order to help GPs to meet these challenges, we have devised a carefully programmed initiative, designed to support individual GP practices in identifying and implementing the cultural and operational changes necessary to ensure their continuing success in a challenging and constantly changing environment.

Large Companies

Companies in need of a ‘health check’ to define areas of strength and weakness within their culture in order to ‘futureproof’ themselves. We not only provide that health check in precise detail, but also develop the right strategy to effectively address and overcome any issues that are revealed.

Acquisitive Companies

Companies that want to assess potential targets for acquisition. A KPMG study showed that 83% of mergers and acquisitions failed to produce any benefits and over half actually ended up reducing the value of the companies involved. We directly identify and pre-empt that risk through our in-depth cultural analysis and management.


Companies anticipating trade sale, floatation or even MBO. These businesses must present themselves as more than a balance sheet to ensure a successful outcome. By addressing the cultural core we build a solid foundation for innovation and authenticity – essential to attract acquisitive companies or investment

Growth Companies

Companies that are delivering an aggressive growth plan. When businesses travel at high speed, encountering an obstacle can be painful – if not fatal. We work with these companies to build a cultural core that is robust enough to adapt to and overcome such pitfalls, even in periods of rapid growth.

Founder Managed Businesses

Where the founder or shareholders are seeking an exit of some description. Often, those involved in these businesses are so close to the daily operations that they cannot see the wood for the trees. We bring clarity and purpose to the process of building an organisational culture and profile that presents an attractive and enduring proposition to potential investors or buyers.

Carl Michel Explains the Business Case